Friday, June 06, 2008

Blog Fodder

Mother's Day came a couple weeks late, or Father's Day came a couple weeks early this morning.

I don't think you can see my place card, but it says "mom," that is a straw in my coffee, toast sans butter, a nutty bar, peanut m&ms, almonds, a chocolate chip cookie and a mug of milk.

That, below? The centerpiece. Fresh snapdragons in a new bottle of water. Only the best for me. Resting gently on a table runner for fall.

And this? Charming, snagging my nutty bar.

"And how are we this morning? We are well? Then I'll take our order. So we are having the breakfast ala kid's choice. I'll bring us some silverware."

Our waiter took the whole, "we" thing w-aaaaaa-y to far last night. I wonder if I adopt his method, if the kids will buy it enough to leave a big tip after ooo-yucking dinner.

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Rhea said...

awwww!! Too cute. Love the flowers in the water bottle. lol Kids are adorable!