Thursday, June 26, 2008


I thought I had finally resolved my mind to the fact that abnormal paps are normal and nothing would come of it.

The last 10 minutes, my stomach has been flipping around like they are about to announce the homecoming queen and I think I have a fighting chance. Maybe I mean before stuco president speeches. (I think I remember some dashes to the bathroom for that one so it probably isn't that bad.) Oh, I've got it. When I get an email from an agent I've submitted to and I am about to open it in hopes of an acceptance, yet expecting a rejection.

Yeah, that's what my stomach is doing.

Say a prayer for me. Tomorrow is the day when I will at least find out...who am I kidding? When I find out that either I don't have noticeable junk in my junk and I'll have to have another pap, or that I do and I have to wait for results. So tomorrow is good for precious little except getting to the next stage.

But at least I'll be to the next stage.

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Julie Carobini said...

So scary to think of, so I'm praying your fears won't overtake you my friend! Praying for complete health as well (of course!) Let us know.