Monday, June 02, 2008

He Still Gives Me Tingles

Today Hubs and I were word bantering via email when I finally decided he won the word war and said, "You know you love me."

To which he replied:

"That is indisputable and quite obvious."

Now, you could take that two ways. Obvious? As in obviously he loves me, because why else would he stick around with my poor homemaking skills and body going the way of gravity?

I choose to take that as the compliment I think he was making (I'm not going to ask) and sigh a big ole 14 year-old sigh of infatuation like I did back when he complimented my ability to burn marshmallows and tick off one of the leading ladies of our freshman class.

And this following the middle of the night minute long interlude of his hand gently resting on my mid-back wherein I have decided he was praying for me. (I was long gone for the night and he knows better (if you know what I'm saying) so when I said "what?" (meaning did-the-baby-wake-and-I-didn't-hear?) and he said "nothing" I promptly decided to go back to sleep but almost felt tingles emanating from his hand and running through my body to the source of my concern. And, just like that, it was over when he lifted his hand and went to sleep himself.)

Amazing. After 12 years of marriage he can still shock me with his love. (What's really shocking is that he still loves me after all he has to forgive me.)


Rhea said...

Your sweet post gave ME tingles. What wonderful love you share!!

Angi said...

Very sweet. I am still infatuated with my hubby too. . . . .