Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How Rude!

Let me just preface this with the admission that, yes, I also see that I played a part in the fault here.

My kids have been in what we affectionately call "Nature Camp" this week, the week we look forward to for a year and talk about all winter. The camp you might remember I almost didn't get them into and was berating myself for. In nature camp, they need bug spray and sunscreen, as you might imagine. That produces a pretty heavy fog of smell in the car and it is not a short drive to nature from my home. So.....when we get there, I screen 'em up and OFF! them substantially.

Today my customary parking place by the door was taken so I pulled into the overflow parking (guffaw) fifteen paces away, hop out and start spraying the kids.

Let me just take this moment to paint a picture. Parking lot in the middle of nowhere. Twenty kids in the entire camp. Parking lot has, I don't know, thirty spots. Most kids come with siblings. And there are five or six cars already parked by the door (not in the lot). The lot is VACANT, people, VACANT. Except for my car, and one car on the other side of empty spot next to mine where I am standing, spraying down my kids.

So this van pulls in. Can totally see that I, and my three kids, occupy the space. That there are CLOSER spaces available. Doesn't even slow down. And as I grab my kids and pull them towards the car (ours) and in process to exit the space so that she doesn't mow us down, SHE KEEPS PULLING IN. No pause. I tell you, this lady didn't even tap the brakes. Thankfully my children actually listened to me and my yanking of their arms and plaster themselves along with me to my car so that none of us lost a limb, BUT STILL.

And yes, I know, I am not a car and cannot actually qualify to fill a space. And yes, I also know my car already took a space, so technically I was using two. And yes, I also know that when I saw her coming, I kept spraying and assumed she would take a different space, because WHO TAKES THE SPACE BETWEEN TWO CARS WHEN THERE IS A WHOLE EMPTY LOT (AND EQUALLY CLOSE SPACES)????

But Come On.

Oh, and how is this for wishful thinking? Dreaming of princes, already?

(Nah, we posed it in copy of Meg. )

Yes, that is our first toad of the season. After screaming like a little girl, she named him Hoppy and he's sleeping next to the fish tank in an old salad box.


meg duerksen said...

can you believe those high school notes?
i had to hide them they were all totally inappropriate!
no wonder your parents didn't like me! :)

cute froggie picture.
very sweet.
aren't they so funny with all their frog loving.
i admit i can barely catch one myself.
they are kinda gross.

i'm sorry to hear about your scare.
like you said - it's probably nothing.
it has to be and that's that.
God is in control.
there is nothing else to say.
except i love you girl.
even after reading those notes again. :)
i saw mat jost in town and had to tell him about it.
there were some from him even.
too funny.

and yes that woman was crazy rude.
just assume she missed her medication that morning.

keep in touch.

Julie Carobini said...

And you did spray her car down with deet, right?

Did I say that? Did I really say that? Would I do that? Of course I woul...