Saturday, June 14, 2008

Frodo the Ring Bear(er)

Frodo is again going to live up to his name and bear some rings this weekend.

But yesterday was a bit too much for him.

After welcoming the sun to our side of the planet, playing with toads, driving his siblings to camp (car ride approximately 1 hour), having swimming lessons, learning! to! swim! (two weeks of classes and I wondered if they would get around to the swimming part, but I got to see the moment it clicked in the last three minutes of the very last lesson!), welcoming Grandma and Popen, playing hard with them, going to the barber, playing hard some more, practicing going down the aisle (twice? I have to do it again?), driving through Burger King (hulk toys make great bribery), and joining his parents eating themselves into oblivion (I was literally sick I was so full of that AMAZING food), not even being able to finish his ice cream (it is there in the silver cup), begging Mom to PLEASE go home, he gave it up and took matters into his own hands.

We had to leave just before the toasts and fun stuff began. I knew better than to take the kids to the dinner, but I wanted to go and they are the wedding party.

I think I'm gonna cry today. I'm getting a hint of how hard it might be to marry my kids off someday. I'm having a hard time letting my babysitter go.


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