Thursday, January 14, 2010

Study Skills

Actual conversation between Princess and her mother:

Mother: Don't you have a history quiz tomorrow?
Princess: Yes
M: Do you think you should study?
P: I did.
M: When?
P: We reviewed in class
M: Did you take notes?
P: yes
M: do you think you should go over them?
P: I don't know where they are.
M: What's the point of taking notes if you can't use them to study
P: (shrug)
Granny: I never needed to review once I wrote it down.
M: True, me neither
(Time elapses while mom rifles through folder)
M: Are these your history notes?
P: yes
M: very detailed, think you needed anything else?
P: nope. that's what's on the quiz
M: (laughs hysterically and passes notes to Granny)


"Jefferson Davis"
"Fort Sumter"
"true      Moniter"

Yup, that probably covers it.....Who needs to study once you know all of that?


MotherT said...

AND that,my friend, is great note taking!

Deep breath, Mom, she'll do just fine!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Hopefully they don't mix the questions around. Example: Q.The first shots of the Civil War were fired where? A. Jefferson Davis.

Sr. Citizen said...

Mr Sr. (Granny) and Sr. Citizen both looked at the notes and were baffled by the detail.

To much for someone that can't find that darn coffee cup - Mr. Sr. rails that it is not on the ceiling, so give up and look somewhere logical - like Fort Sumpter - Bet that Reb has it. What do you think Prescious? Sr.