Thursday, August 24, 2006

Such a small thing

This morning I went to the grocery store at 9 AM, on a weekday with only one child. I couldn't believe how fast we got through. How easy it was. How no fits were thrown. Not even a why. At least not any annoying whys. He asked. I said no. That was that.

Wow. I have a feeling that this whole new world has opened to me. I may even become one of those mothers who wonders why mothers with more than one kid lose it at the grocery store.


I made multiple necessary phone calls. Very little disruption. Problem isn't resolved yet, but I've made headway.

Anyone know how to find a midwife that my insurance covers who also has a back-up OB?

Didn't think so.

And even though my house is not yet up to status quo, it is definitely improving. Improvement over the course of enough days and I may even be able to call it clean soon.



kpjara said...

Good...I'm glad the shopping is easier...expect my list in the mail shortly!

the lizness said...

are you done being sick yet?