Monday, December 31, 2007

Breastfeeding is Overrated.

And before anyone gets up in arms, I've done it both ways and still chose this route so I know the benefits et cetera, ad nauseum.

Well, I was going to pop on at 8 o'clock and say how peaceful it was around here. The middle blondies were both so miserable, they practically fell into bed (with not a little guilt on my part). The youngest blondie had been asleep for over an hour.

How things change.

Does anyone have any suggestions what one should do about a child who refuses to sleep without a nipple in his mouth? If I would go up there right now and let him "eat," he would go right to sleep.

Until I put him down.

At which point he would begin to scream again.

I am tired of being a chew toy and a pacifier and I am extraordinarily tired of being the only solution to this child's woes.

So there I was debating whether I should watch the chick flick I rented for myself or just go to bed and try to forget this new years eve (and hopefully recover a bit from this dang respiratory infection), but my question has been answered.

Because I just don't sleep well while being a stand in paci.

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mamashine said...

I'm with you on this one- not sure what to do either. I got woken up this morning by being bitten really hard. Now that he's got both top and bottom teeth, we'll be weaning before too long. He will take a paci, he just doesn't like it as well. But he'll have to learn to love it. I'm done.