Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Another Imprefect Mom

I've been beating myself up all basketball season because Princess' coach's wife seems to have it all together. Not only do they coach the team together, she sends out emails of encouragement, is always smiling and has a baby just days older than Charming.

I have a hard time getting to the games once a week.

And THEN she made each girl a photo scrapbook of their season. (grumble, grumble)

So last night Hubs was chatting away with her while I wrangled the boys. They shared a laugh.

On the way home, Hubs related the conversation to me. It went something like this:

Hubs: Those were great photo albums you put together for the girls.

Her: Oh, it was really fun! I was sitting at home the other day and told my husband I didn't know what to do with all my time now that they are done and he said "How about the dishes?"


I like her a whole lot better now. I shouldn't, but I do.


the lizness said...

that is funny - I would have felt the same thing

the lizness said...

same way - I would have felt the same way (placenta brain)

Anonymous said...

LOL - too funny. :)