Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 3 and What Did I Do?

Joined the ranks of the paranoid and bought a paper shredder.

Saw three older gentlemen walking into the store wearing their military ball caps, obviously together yet not visiting, shuffling along without smiles on their faces. I was compelled to say, "You three look like you are up to something!" You should have seen their faces light up. They immediately began to answer, "Not me, but he sure is!" and "Well, I know he likes to look at pretty girls!" and "That old guy is never up to anything good!" They made me smile and laugh. And then they went on to talk to the next guy walking behind me. I encourage you to talk to someone in the parking lot today. We live in too isolated of a world.

Actually mailed the letter to Eldest's birthmother. I held it for three days because she's given no indication that she wants to hear from me, but I couldn't let go of the idea that she just might want to know what an awesome kid he has become these last 2 years.

Sorted and sorted and sorted through the kids' clothes in the basement. It seems so wasteful to get rid of stuff when I have so many boys, but I find that when it is time for the next one to grow into it, I really only want a few things and the rest I want to buy new (to me). I have two big trash bags full of donations. I should have six, but you have to start somewhere.

Turned in another book review. Two years ago, when I started reviewing for Armchair Interviews I thought Andrea was crazy when she'd limit my consumption of books because I would burn out on writing the reviews. I thought, what's half an hour of my life for a free supplier of my addiction? Now I'm starting to understand. Part of it is that when you read so much for "obligation" (even when you wanted to read the book in the first place), the reading loses some of its joy. And once you've written 125 reviews (or more), they all start to sound the same. I've been a little more careful about the books I ask for anymore. If I'm reading purely for fun, I just buy it. Children's books being the exception. Some addictions don't let go as easily as others.

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Rhea said...

I totally agree with you about making a point to be friendly and say something to people around you. It makes such a difference to share a smile or a funny comment with a total stranger. It makes me feel less alone and more part of a community. (I just moved and I've been feeling lonely, can you tell?)