Monday, March 31, 2008

Help For Busy Moms by Mary May Larmoyeux

93% of you just heaved a big sigh, didn't you? Though the term "busy mom" is rather redundant, isn't it? But the covers of this book are full of nuggets of excellence. Like this one:

"Never think of yourself as 'just a wife and mom.' You're a molder of leaders, a gatekeeper of peace, a channel through which God's Word can be passed on to the next generation. Quite an overwhelming charge, isn't it?"

Um, when you put it that way....

And this one: "As long as there are little ones enjoying life in our home, I'll never win a Susie Homemaker Award. I really need to remember that my main priorities are loving the Lord and being a wife and mom. Someday the kids will be grown, and the house can them be spotless. But it will also be very quiet. I need to appreciate the clutter. It must mean that real life is going on in our house."

Thank you.

It's also full of tips and scripture references to apply to many aspects of this crazy life we signed up for. Lord, help us all.

Oh, and speaking of busy moms...go wish Liz congrats!!!! I've been obsessively stalking her blog all weekend and finally, FINALLY, that baby boy is out (days early!).

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