Thursday, March 27, 2008

Generation NeXt Marriage by Tricia Goyer

For those of us in the Generation-from-which-no-one-expected-anything (and thus the X, right?), we have an awful lot to live up to, don't we? Let me re-phrase; we are on a mission to prove them wrong. And many of us are starting with our marriages.

Generation NeXt Marriage addresses our specific mindsets and background and applies it to our marriages. Why do we relate to our spouses the way we do? What does growing up in the era of divorce do to our outlook and actions?

I took quite a bit away from this book. It was especially helpful in this week in which my husband was gone (physically and mentally) while he took on wrapping up the equivalent of a second (short term) full-time job. I highly recommend reading a good marriage book while being challenged in your marital life.

While the whole book was excellent, I especially liked the chapters addressing respect and honor (Committed for Life) and putting your spouse at a primary position (Finding Balance) (which I think also applies back to respect and honor). That, and gratitude and respect for what he does for me (see above second job mention) that at least my mind went to in Money Matters.

See, when I point out the ugly carpet, I'm not saying, "Hey, you, make more money so we can have new carpet!" I think I'm commiserating (because I know he hates the carpet too), but that is what he hears. So, I'm taking the message and going to TRY to quit talking about the carpet until he brings it up. Because I'm really grateful that we have a roof (thanks in no part to me). I really am.

So, if you are a Gen Xer and looking to improve your marriage, I encourage you to pick up Tricia's book. And you might also like to pop over to her Gen X blog. Aside from Generation specific stuff, you can find a contest (possibly win a dinner for you and your spouse by telling how you met).


Rhea said...

Ok, I can't remember what generation I am labeled...but the book sounds interesting!

Tricia Goyer said...


Loved your post! Thanks much for sharing your marriage with us! Fun.