Friday, March 28, 2008

What the Hey?! (More on Gen NeXt Marriage)

See? I'm miserable at blogger stuff. I go in to edit the next post because there was something I forgot to say and I totally messed up the format. Not only that, I can't seem to fix it.

Anyway, what I wanted to say that was so all fired important that I messed up my formatting is this:

Tricia mentioned, just off hand, "coming home with a bag of clearance items" and I was so BUSTED.

But they were only $1 a piece, Hon!

However, she is right. Communication, respect, honor, and not spending when you shouldn't, even when they are only $1 a piece. (Some people are addicted to Pepsi, some people clearance racks. Me? Both.)

And she mentioned hoping to adopt. Just offhand. Tricia, if you stop in, I want DETAILS.

Okay, that is what was all fired important.


Susannah said...

Lol, a bag of clearance items at "the boutique" can make my husband clap and cheer, OR frown. It just depends on the size of our bank account at that moment.

Thanks for your review. Nice to hear from a genuine GenX-er. Mine will be up in a couple of weeks.

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

BTW, nice to meet you!

meg duerksen said...

hi jamie.
i always get the eyes rolling and craig's comment (very sarcastically) "you couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"
when i read power of the praying wife i suddenly realized that my spending habits were changing moment for me.
anyway....i almost ran over your children last week and your in-laws dog!
i was on my way out of town from meeting lynette for lunch. (they were in town for two days) a dog ran out onto the first part of the 13 mile road and two little kids right behind it...and i saw brent's dad right behind (with a fishing pole) and then saw it was your kids i was about to run over. nice story huh?
it was fine.
not even close but it made me think of you (and then how totally horrible that would have been!!!) and that i needed to check in on you and say hi.
take care.