Monday, March 03, 2008

Only Uni by Camy Tang

It's New Book Tuesday again!

Last weekend I got the chance to read and enjoy Camy Tang's latest "Loud Asian Chick-Lit" book, Only Uni. What fun that was!

I don't know about all you non-biologists, things may fly over your head, but I had a blast spending my weekend reading about a chick in a biology lab. And somehow, not sure how, Camy made that an exciting read. Musta been the romantic element. Now, I know that biology labs can be exciting, but I think most people wouldn't think so.


Trish is tired of her wild ways, and she's pretty sure that God is also. She develops three simple rules: 1. No looking (at guys). 2. Tell people about Christ. 3. Rely on God. So of course she has attractive guys coming out her ears. And lots of extraneous problems.

I loved how real this story is. Trish is a struggling Christian who is rather disgusted with herself and her behavior. She uses her rules to try to "earn" God's favor and grace. How many of us do that?

Camy uses an interesting third person perspective that reads almost like first. It took me a couple chapters to get used to it, but before long the flow was natural. (Shoot, I probably tried to read the first two chapters while my kids were awake. Maybe I shouldn't even mention it.)

Overall, I thought this was a great story. I liked reading this Ameri-Asian (my term) book. Though I have had experience with many Asian people, most of them were adopted by Caucasian parents and so were quite like me in their food choices, etc.. I feel like I know the culture a bit better.

One of these days, I'll have to harass Camy to feed me some of these foods she talked about. And, Camy, where are my hand rolled truffles?


Camy Tang said...

LOL! Thanks for the review, Jamie!

FYI, the truffle recipe is one I've gotten from Alton Brown:
Chocolate truffles recipe

Karin said...

Enjoyed reading your interview with her--