Thursday, March 13, 2008

How Far Ahead am I?

(Don't read this one Liz)

Can I just tell you all how silly glad I am that I'm not in that first week post-partum when I'm bleeding like a maniac and have that ridiculously high fever and coughing and peeing my pants and engorged and up all night nursing the baby....


This is how far I've come. I'm up nursing a baby who sleeps less than he did at birth.

At least he knows how to nurse now. I just pop it in and go back to sleep.

Yeah, it is definitely better.

And worth it, Liz (I know you kept reading, you maniac--and I seem to be the only person with the whole fever coughing (and thusly peeing) problem--don't worry about it).

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the lizness said...

I didn't read a thing ... j/k!