Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Remember the Feet!

This weekend I bought some of that lotion that incorporates some sunless tanner in it. I didn't know whether it would work, or streak or turn me orange as those types of things are wont to do, but I thought it might be worth a shot.

Day 1: didn't notice a change. But I did wear jeans all day.

Day 2 (today): I'm standing in my neighbor's driveway in my capri's and barefoot and I look down and notice that my calves are "bronze" as is the top half circle of my foot.

Because, of course, I lotion my legs first and just take a swipe at the tops of my feet on my way to putting lotion on the bottoms of my feet (because going barefoot is killer on the soles of your feet). Apparently I don't even swipe at the tops of my (very white) feet, I make a semi-circular roll over the ankle side of the top of my feet.

I will try to remedy that after my shower tonight.

I can only hope that my very fashionable neighbor didn't take notice of the glowing white + 1/4 tanned feet.

What am I talking about? I need at least a home-grown pedicure, was wearing an oversized t-shirt and I don't remember if I got around to brushing my hair today (it gets flipped into a pony tail first thing and sometimes doesn't come down). I'm hoping that the fashionable person inside me will soon come out. The exhausted mama is overruling her still.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

What kind of idiot whould have a sunless tanning mishap?

Anonymous said...

Um, don't put lotion with sunless tanner on the bottoms of your feet. The thick skin there soaks it up and the soles will end up orange. Put some on your feet (tops) then put a little regular lotion all over your entire foot.

Wow, some worthless info I know came in handy!

Anonymous said...

I still think it goes best on your face when you don't know it's sunless tanning lotion.
-George H.