Monday, February 27, 2012

40 days: day 6 updated

Solidarity with: China
We ate: Chicken and vegetable fried rice
I prefer it: made by a restaurant, slathered in Chang's Spicy Chicken.
Homemade costs approximately $2. Feeding a family of 6 at PF Changs is I don't even know how much because we've never done it. But Brent and I can sneak out of there at $30 if we drink water and share an entree. We could do it for less, but the banana spring rolls are really the reason we go.
We prayed for: the women in China who feel like they must abandon their children due to the one child policy and for their children that they will know the love of a family.

Charming declared it "delicious" because I left everything but the rice out of his.
Frodo kept "forgetting" to eat his because as soon as he saw what I was making, and could see the writing on the wall, he quickly filled up on a yogurt.
Princess ate seconds, as usual. She's my experimental eater.
Eldest picked out the peas and topped his supper off with a left over half a pig in the blanket.
I ate until I couldn't eat another bite without gagging.
Brent will be scrounging in the pantry for something to eat as soon as the kids are in bed. But he ate politely.

It's not that it was bad. It was just...subsistence eating. Which makes it really easy to stop once the hunger monster has been quieted.

Today I'm thankful for cream, butter and bacon.
It may clog my arteries, but it sure tastes good going down.

Just after I hit publish, Brent came into the room and said, "I'm already hungry." I laughed and told him about my blog post. "How did you know?" He asked. I told him that maybe it was his lack of enthusiasm about dinner. And he protested, "I loved it! I ate three helpings."

So there you go.
But he's still standing in the kitchen eating yogurt and crackers.
Rice. Not a main dish in the center of the US.

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MotherT said...

I am enjoying reading your journey with the foods of your sponsored children's countries.