Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Among Other Things

Today I just feel sick, for so many reasons. None of them actual sickness. Most of which I can't talk about.

SO, I will give you the reason that I CAN talk about. It is Suzanne.

She looks just like Brent. She looks just like my Princess.
And I am totally unprepared to even consider it.
And I'm neck deep in a different adoption.
And.....(excuses, excuses)
I woke up all night thinking about and praying for her and a couple other girls that I saw here. There is so much need and I am only one person and I have a lot of other persons to consider as well.
But, I thought that for now, I would advocate. Because it is unthinkable for me to have a child who looks like one of mine growing up in an institution.
I don't have many readers, but maybe, by some fluke, someone will happen on this post and know that Suzanne belongs to them.
If you discover it is you, please let me know. I am in prayer for you today also.


Andrea said...

Oh, my! I am praying for a home... But deep in my heart I think this one is also yours. I can't believe I printed that. Praying.

Michelle said...

I am praying that she finds the perfect loving home.