Friday, February 03, 2012

on blog stats

My blog stats fell by half this week.

I have apparently gotten offensive, irritating, or boring.

Maybe I should dump my sitemeter. It makes me obsessive.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is NONE of the above!!
I love it..


The Brew Crew said...

Dump the stat-o-meter. You don't need another thing projecting judgement in your life! :) This is not something to measure your worth, likeablity, priorities, etc, etc, by. The end.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry, but that is too funny! I was just checking the stats on my blog. I figured out how to do that a couple weeks ago. Your blog is not boring! And if you speak the truth, just keep doing it, no matter who reads or not. I have lost some friends on Facebook due to the fact that I seem to post a lot of things about adoption that people don't want to hear and lots of stuff about Jesus. The people that are meant to read your blog will read it. Keep it up!

MotherT said...

Jamie, get rid of the site meter. You are speaking truth that people need to hear. If they run from God's voice, it doesn't mean that you are doing anything wrong.

I've learned more from you in the past few years, than I ever have from any of the Adopt-A-Child programs. You are a blessing.

Wendi said...

I forbade myself to look at it. Seriously. You have no idea how God is using you. Imagine that meter.

JJ said...

Do not change how you are writing. It's wonderful. It gets people thinking about wordly needs. Christians should NEVER back down just to please others. NEVER!

Senior Citizen said...

Sometimes, I don't look at your blog because Mrs hides my coffee cup and I spend all day looking for it. It sounds mean, but it gives her joy, so I don't look very hard.

Have a lot of Eathopia Longberry coffee roasted - wow is it good! Probably be better with a cup.

Keep writing ! Senior.

missy roepnack said...

James, my blog stats dropped by exactly half when I started posting sponsor children. I took it as a compliment. You must be doing something right! ;)