Friday, February 24, 2012

40 days: day two

Solidarity with: Mexico
We ate: burritos,tostadas (tortillas, pintos, hamburger, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa)
We were: not at all left feeling like we had it better than them.
Number of people who ate until they cold hold no more: 6
Funny/snarky comments about the food: none

In the interest of full disclosure, I believe that if we were exercising solidarity with the poor of Mexico we would have needed to use only corn tortilla and leave off the cheese and ground beef. Also, before I started this project, I mentioned to my mother that Mexico would be my country of choice if I was going to do a full 40 eating like another country because that's basically what we did growing up. At which point I told her that maybe then I would be exercising solidarity with my childhood.

We left the tortilla chips in the cabinet.
No one missed them.

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