Monday, March 05, 2012

40 days: day 13

Solidarity with: Laos
We ate:

Oh my word, I wanted to stuff my face long past the time my stomach said "satisfied." I don't think we had solidarity with the poor of Laos (unless we were eating chopped stomach and even then (I'm guessing finely chopped chicken and no innards, but she was pretty vague about what we were eating other than, "eat with your fingers, kinda like lettuce wraps but with cabbage")) as much as maybe the middle class. Too much food. Too much meat. SO spectacularly GOOD.

However, it did produce some conversation starters, like, "where is Laos?" and "how did Mr Wendi meet Miss Wendi if he is from Laos?" and "what is that?" as well as immigration and refugees and wars and the fact that we don't know Mr Wendi nearly as well as we should considering how much time we spend with Miss Wendi. We need to rectify that.

Thank you, Wendi and Wendi's mother-in-law, preparers of our day 13 solidarity supper.Everyone should have a friend who marries someone from somewhere else. It makes the world more interesting.

Now.....who can make Ugandan flatbread?


Wendi said...
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Wendi said...

:) ok sorry too much real meat. I can't give you food I wouldn't eat. And I don't know how to make intestines and bile sauce. I was under the impression(by my middle class laotion husband) that most people have food because of the climate but I looked it up and in rual areas that isn't so. And that would start up another discussion about relative wealth, since I thought my husband's relatives that live in Laos were poor.