Friday, March 02, 2012

40 days: day 9

Solidarity with: South Africa
We ate: Eggs, tomatoes and onions.
We prayed: for the children who, as a special treat, get one hard boiled egg a week when they come to church.
I knew about this because of my friend Meg who went a couple years ago. But just now when I went looking for the egg post, I realized she went to Sierra Leone. Which is nowhere near South Africa. Ah well, that's why God is God. He can take my wrong prayers and make them mean something anyway.

I'll have to figure out something about South African food and then pray for Sierra Leone.

And yeah, the tomatoes and onions are because they are in just about everything Ethiopian and I extrapolated.

We also had turkey bacon. And cheese. Neither of which are in much of anything in a meal of a person in poverty in any of the aforementioned three countries.

My heart is in the right place, I think, but the execution is pitiful. I know this is what I set out to do, have ONE side dish on the table that would be someone's main dish and talk about it, but the more I'm into it, the more I feel obligated to put more thought into it. Because how hard can it be to have rice on the table for 40 days?

My friend, Wendi, said she was bringing me Lao food next week. I hope she was serious. Better look up some facts. It's probably time for me to jump out of Africa and into the lesser known Asias.

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