Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I miss these girls

It just takes too long.
And I know all the right answers.
And I know that when she gets here it will be 1000X harder than having her there.
And I know that I should fully focus on the ones here.
I even know she would rather go home with her buddy than with me.
And even knowing all that...it just takes too long.
Because she is legally mine.
And a child belongs with her mother.
And since she can't be with her first mother, she should be with me.
And, dear Lord, it looks like she's going to be dumped in with us during the absolutely worst month it could possibly happen in.
I can't stand it.
It physically pains me to imagine her ripped from the life that she knows.
And it physically pains me to leave her there.
So pray with me to get her home.
Because living in the in between isn't good for either of us.
(Aside from the obvious Refiner's Fire that I am TRYING to survive.)
We need to rip that bandage off.


R.G. Nairam said...

I love you, Aunt Jamie. <3 Praying.

K said...

Yep. I've written a blog post or two about the ugliness of The Wait. I'll be praying that you can hang in there, too.