Friday, March 09, 2012

40 days: day 16

Solidarity with: Ecuador
I ate: left over beans and rice.
I prayed for Malawi and our sponsored child Bupe. Before I realized they don't eat beans and rice in Malawi. Rice is very expensive and beans aren't even mentioned.


It's Charming's birthday. Charming's grandparents wanted to celebrate him and they were going to be gone today, so they had us over for dinner. A very un-solidarity type meal. I could find something if I stretched. We had salad. We had potatoes. We had corn. Any one of them would have worked for somewhere. But I wasn't sure, so I had leftover beans and rice for lunch in preparation.

Let me just say that it was better going down on Wednesday night than it was for Thursday noon.

By evening, I was gagging just thinking about it.

I worked up some really good solidarity on that one.

Too bad it was for the wrong country.

Though I would assume the people of Malawi and our son Bupe don't mind the prayers, anyway.

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