Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inspire Me

I'm having a hard time being inspirational.

I feel like I am trapped in waiting purgatory.

I have zero power to hurry my daughter home.

I know I should have inspiring thoughts about the wait. How it is all in God's hands. I should probably have a verse or seven that get me through the day.

I should probably be starting my own non-profit. Or inspiring you to join one that is already established.

I should probably tell you how my latest Bible study is changing me or the last book I read makes me want to do/be more.

And don't think for a second that all that isn't brewing in my mind.


I'm fresh out of words to inspire others.

All I've got is this:
Girls at Kechene

coaxing a smile

Iris as Hannibal Lector; she did it to herself.

My last sunset in Ethiopia

Our World Vision Ethiopia family's view (little brother in the background)



Wendi said...

Jamie- the other day we were talking about "followings" and "wannabe's". And yesterday when I was alone I thought that I'm a bit of a Jamie wannabe because I would like to be passionate to the point of action. I have in some ways but not as much as I'd like to- maybe it's just the timing in life, I don't know. Yet I think that waiting without words is part of the process in many situations. And processing thoughts in silence is necessary for inspirational words later. In the process, know you have inspired. Love you.

missy roepnack said...

When Words Fail.
Sorry, but I think Iris with the Hannibal face is the most inspiring thing I have seen all year. Love you girl. "It's going to be okay."

Chrissy said...

Dude... I hope you are feeling a wee bit more inspired tonight!! Love you, friend!!