Monday, March 12, 2012

40 days: day 17-19

The weekend was crazy. We had a birthday, we had the flu, we had a trip to the city and we had daylight saving's time. Solidarity was a big stretch, but as such was still on my mind as I thought, "how can I make this work for something?" The following is my leap:

Friday: Brent and I had fish and vegetables. I prayed for a Cambodian fishing village. I don't know if Cambodia has fishing villages, but there you go.

Saturday: Four of us met with a Ethiopian adoptive families group and two of us ate the buffet at an Ethiopian restaurant. (The other two ate Chick-fil-et) Obviously, Ethiopia was on our minds.

Sunday: I could take this two ways. We had gyros for lunch. Greece? Shoot, they've had their problems. Pitas? A lot like amboosh which they serve in Ethiopia. frozen pizza, America's poor and our poor taste. ;)

So, like I said, sagging a little here in the middle, but that's all I have. As next week is spring break there is a good chance I'll falter completely.

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