Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Susan May Warren

Last September, as I was packing my things to attend the ACFW conference, my MIL handed me a $100 bill for my 30th birthday. I already knew there was supposed to be a book sale and signing so I knew where I would spend my money. I just had no idea how much I would spend.

I started out with the plan to buy Deb Raney's latest, Over the Waters, for my MIL for her birthday(now I wish I had a copy). I knew I would snatch Siri Mitchell's latest (at the time), Chateau of Echoes, if she got them in time (she did!). I hoped for Kristin Billerbeck's first in the Spa Girls series (not there). And I figured that I'd find a couple more that I might want and that I'd do my Christmas shopping early.

ROFLOL!!! Can you see my hysteria?

Book lover. Room full of books. Many cheaper than the cover price. Room full of authors willing to put down signatures. Complex situation. I decided that unless I knew I liked the author, the book had to be priced lower than I could get it at home. Not that that limited me much by the end of the week. I bought so many they constituted an entire carry on for my flight home. Which is good because I would have had to pay extra to check that heavy bag.

So, Susan May Warren, whom I'd never heard of had several books there and three of them looked a little chick-lit-y. I'm sure they are considered romance, but the covers are so fun and so not dreamy romance that I was drawn to them. It didn't hurt that she had it marked that one was $10, two for I-don't-remember, and three for, hmmmm, was it $25? $20? Doesn't matter. I know a good deal when I see one. At least I hoped, because I brought all three of her Deep Haven series.

Now I wish I'd bought one of everything she had there to sell.

Yes, it took me long enough to get to them, but once I read the first one it was all over. Such depth of character, such descriptive writing, such great books! I feel like I've been there. I like these people. Sure, you know they will end up together. Such is the nature of romance. Sure, you know that the bad guy will be caught. I would be disappointed if he wasn't. But that a person could write such tremendous books that propel the reader through them while making sure that the reader isn't disappointed well, that takes talent.

Great job, Susan. Watch out for me next year at conference, I'll be the one with the huge paper bag full of your stuff.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Jamie, I've never had anyone blog about my books made my day! I'm so delighted you enjoyed the books! (And now I'm glad I marked them down -- guess I'll be doing THAT again this year!). Okay, now I'm going to forward this to everyone I know. *grin* Thanks again!! Susan

Christine Lynxwiler said...


You are SO right. Susan May Warren's books are fantastic! I've never read one yet that disappoints and just fyi, she has a chick lit series coming SOON. (The first one may be out right about now, I'm not sure, check on amazon.) I had the honor of reading the first book in that series when it was just a manuscript. It's called Everything's Coming Up Josie. See? Even the title makes you smile. It's fall-down-laughing hilarious, but poignant at the same time. Go figure. :) It's a definite must-read! Nice blog, Jamie!
~ Chris Lynxwiler

Sue Jackson said...

Ah, nothing can compare with having money or gift cards to spend and being surrounded by books! I could happily spend whole days in bookstores (too bad my wallet couldn't!) I'll have to try some of the books you recommended.