Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eight Random Things

It's a meme and I don't' feel like playing by the rules, so lets just say here are eight things about me you may not know and leave it at that shall we?

1. My first kiss was from a guy who now plays pro football. And no, you've probably never heard of him. We were in the 5th grade.

2. I write for the same newspaper as Earnest Hemingway.

3. I love the smell of fresh cut alfalfa.

4. I held the school record for triple jump in '91 for several weeks until I taught Phyllis Nickel how and she's held the record ever since.

5. I would rather adopt than give birth.

6. I own a pair of Cole Haan shoes and a pair of Donald J. Pliner shoes and only paid about 30 for the both of 'em. I'd be happy to take you shoe shopping with me any time you want. In case this means nothing to you, read some chick lit. I recommend Kristin Billerbeck.

7. My favorite day of the week is trash day. My favorite day of the month is when the vets will come by and pick up my discarded yet still useful items. My favorite day of the year is probably "Tidy Town," otherwise known as "big trash day" when you can put out oversized items for free and drop off your hazardous waste (paint, etc.) for free. I love to purge.

8. I have a thing for clocks.

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