Sunday, May 06, 2007

Party Planner?

Let it be known that I am crummy at hosting parties.

Heaven knows I try. I have friends who sell Arbonne, Creative Memories, Avon, Mary Kay, Cookie Lee and Pampered Chef. I do what I can for my friends. I am a customer. Not a big one, but passable. And every year or so someone asks me to host a party, or I get my own wild hair and try (Pampered Chef on help whip cancer month, which is May I think, for example). I send out the invites...

And it is a bust.

Hopefully after today I've learned my lesson and will quit trying. However, next May? I quite possibly will delude myself into thinking I can round up a few people and offer them chocolate cake if they will come and look at chia pets or whatever another of my friends is trying to make a go of.

Sorry friends. I'm just no good at it.


Julie Carobini said...

God bless you for trying. Now live in grace, my friend. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Did I mention to you the other day that I had to cancel a Pampered Chef party I had scheduled for, oh, tomorrow night??? MY delusion went so far as to make me think I, yes I!, could actually sell AtHome America home decor. Stop laughing. (This post is, in no way, a reflection on the quality of AtHome America or it's affiliates. AtHome America, and it's associates, make available the needed materials to guarantee success for it's "Homestyle Specialists". Any HSS that fails to convince even blood relatives to host a party, is clearly not AhA material.)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I feel that pain! I hosted a Home Interiors party in March.......and some of the stuff STILL has not come in yet...AND the lady gave a refund to a friend of mine and the CHECK BOUNCED!

I am officially out of the shopping party business!