Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nothing like getting your hopes up...

So yesterday I got a snail mail letter from (dream publisher). (Dream publisher) is the one I've wanted to submit my novel to for three years. (Dream publisher) is kinda hard to get in to. (Dream publisher) agreed to read my novel, but not until it was a bit longer (funny, since it used to be longer and I chopped so much of it that it is too short for them now...). But someone recommended me to (dream publisher) about something else, and they are supposedly looking at something of mine. Clear?

The envelope was very thin. Sadly thin. And I couldn't help thinking, "Bummer. A rejection. Wait. Would they reject me in snail mail? They don't have my address. They would surely reject me through (person who recommended me) if they bother to reject me at all, right?"

I opened the envelope. Within it was a letter from one of (dream publisher)'s authors that I met through ACFW. I'm supposed to influence for one of her books. No biggie. Even if it did make my heart pound.

And then, about three hours later, I got an email from (person who recommended me to (dream publisher)) with a subject line of "status." Since my brain had already visited this idea, my heart began to pound again.

BTW, I really don't think about this opportunity very often, I think it is a long shot. But God is the God of long shots, right?

Any-hoo, her email was about something totally unrelated.

But (dream publisher), if you are visiting today (LOL!) know I'm watching diligently for you, and you can send your acceptance anytime. I'm here for you. ;-)

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