Friday, May 11, 2007

The Little Things

Yesterday I wrote that I would rather adopt than give birth. I regret that. Not because I don't think it is true, but because it dishonors my biological children. This morning as I watched Charming sleep I thought how sweet it is to watch a sleeping baby and know that he looks exactly like his daddy. I have no idea who Eldest looks like. Not that it matters, but there are definite bennies either way.

You know, some times, actually probably most times, it is the small things that make the difference. Yesterday morning I just felt anxious. Anxious like the crazy anxiety I get that makes me cry for no reason. Hubs couldn't figure out why and kept asking and saying "It's good. Life is good." I finally figured out that at least part of my anxiety was that I needed to get to Sam's, I needed to go yesterday, I only like to go before 10, and Charming sleeps at that time. In order to calm myself down I decided I could put it off until today and if I had to pay 3.49 for milk at the grocery store, well, so be it. And 30 minutes later my sister called and asked if I needed anything from Sam's. It would have been an answer to prayer had I actually prayed.

And speaking of answered prayers: I have wanted a stroller, but not just any stroller. I wanted one of those strollers that seats one and a half. The double that isn't a double. It has a full seat and then a step and jump seat for an older child. They cost a stinking lot. I was given some money to buy a stroller, but not enough to buy THAT stroller. I'd go back and forth, decide to just buy a normal stroller, then decide to splurge and get the one I really wanted. But last weekend was THE weekend for garage sale-ing (actually this weekend ain't shabby). I went to many a sale hoping for a nice stroller (where I live that IS possible). I didn't expect to find the stroller I wanted, because you can hardly find them at the stores, but a nice stroller nonetheless. I'd consider a double and decide it was too big. I'd consider a single and decide it was too ratty. I'd see a stroller I liked okay and someone else would be paying for it. So Saturday morning I threw up a prayer along the lines of, "Okay God, I know it is a long shot, but you know the stroller I want. Could you provide that for me this morning?"

Wouldn't you know, I stopped at a particular garage sale because Princess wanted to. It didn't look too hot to me. I moseyed up...and there was MY stroller. I inspected it. It looked practically new. The price was right. And I told Princess, "Sissy, God answered my prayer." And I burst into tears. Right there in a stranger's driveway.

I ended up buying two strollers there. The almost double and a singe umbrella stroller. Both were desired. Only one was really needed, but God gave me both.

It's the little things. Kinda like having a shirt to wear when you open your closet. Which is its own story. Another day.


Julie Carobini said...

Sigh. All good stuff...

Melanie Dickerson said...

Hey, no fair! I just tagged you but you've already been tagged. Oh, well. Now can you tell me three more people I can tag? I don't read many blogs. :-)
Hey, I love that stroller story. So cool. You think that will work for a book publisher? Oh, God, you know which publisher I want to publish my book. I know it's a long shot, but...?
Melanie Dickerson

Chaos-Jamie said...

I absolutely do. Now who knows what we'll have to "learn" first before it happens...