Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ripping Down Stereotypes

Saturday, during "big trash day," my kids went trash picking. Early in the AM we walked down the block to check out an exersaucer for Charming. It turned out to be broken beyond repair (thus its placement in the trash) and they were rather disappointed.

Later, after he'd been out with Hubs, Eldest informed me that there was another saucer at a house "almost to the top of the hill and across the street." Since Charming was sleeping and Hubs was out with Frodo I told him I couldn't go but I'd let him walk up the street to check it out if he wanted.

Off subject: To me, the top of the hill is about 6 houses north. I was wrong. Anyway, I'm fretting because my two children have disappeared around the curve and the baby is asleep (never wake a sleeping baby is my creed).

A bit later than I'd like, they came back hauling this saucer. Though it was grummy (probably outside or in a garage for the winter), it was pretty nice. We cleaned it up (after I verified with 1000 questions that it was really and truly in a trash pile) and they were quite pleased.

I mentioned to Hubs that I hoped that it was really in the trash, because these things sell in garage sales for upwards of $20. He said it absolutely was in a trash pile, he'd seen it (but that I wouldn't approve of how far away the house was that I'd allowed my precious kids walk to--across two streets and a block over (where there was no sidewalk)).

Yesterday he drove me past the house where the kids had gone. I couldn't help myself. I burst out laughing.

You see, it is a home where (I hope legal) immigrants live. Several families in a single house. I have nothing against this. I commend their willingness to pile in in order to save money and live the American dream. They are pleasant people. Friendly. It is just obvious that a TON of people live in this home. And they are side by side with me at garage sales in the neighborhood bartering a $0.25 shirt down to a dime.

So here we are, "white" suburban folk trash picking the immigrants "big trash" pile.

Just goes to show, you can't stereotype.

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