Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Things I've Learned about God...

For a couple years now, I've had a book idea floating around in my head that I would title, "Things I've Learned About God From My Kids." I've never written the book, mostly because the chapters would be about three paragraphs long and I am not Nancy Kennedy (who can take those three paragraphs, make them hilarious and make them into a cohesive chapter). But I have decided I may try to make it into a regular feature here. Today I will star Charming.

This morning, Charming was sleepy. I knew he was sleepy and I was taking measures to get him to sleep. He just knew life wasn't quite right and he wanted me and everyone else to know he protested. Not big protests. He'd just screw up his face and squawk. A little protest to make sure I knew he wasn't happy.

Meanwhile, I took care of his needs. I changed his diaper, wrapped him up in his blanket(it is a little cool this morning), cuddled him close and began to nurse him.

He'd cuddle in and nurse, then remember that he wasn't happy before, pop off and "protest." (He says "Me-nah," exactly as it sounds, one time.) Then he'd go back to nursing. He did this two or three times and then he gave it up and went to sleep.

Isn't that so like us?

Sometimes life just isn't right and we tell God about it. We don't want a solution, we just want to fuss and be heard. But if we will cuddle up with Him, link up to Him, He'll take care of it. It may not be in the way we hoped and we might wonder what the hey He's up to, but He'll take care of it in the way He knows best. Every now and then we may pull back and say "hey, wait, I'm still not happy," but if we go back to Him, he'll still be there and will take care of it for us.

Or, on another note, sometimes we just need to cuddle up and rest with our Daddy and the problem that we thought was such a big deal, won't be. There is a reason the Bible tells us to rest. It gives us perspective. Many problems that seem huge, just wither away once we've given ourselves the chance to rest. Fighting it doesn't always solve the problem.

So there you have it. What do you think?


Julie Carobini said...

I think you should put this in an article and send it off. When you've got a stack of them, you'll have a book :)

Angi said...

I agree with Julie! Short chapters are no problem - I LIKE short chapters! Very cute idea!

Melanie Dickerson said...

This is awesome, Jamie, and so true. I agree this would make a great article OR a great chapter.