Monday, October 20, 2008

Daytime Television

Watching A Baby Story on TLC. Don't usually do that, but my squirt wouldn't let me do anything else. I just watched a Midwife tell a mother she would have to have a c section, call the doctor and when the doctor showed up, he said something like "let's try this."

She ended up with a vaginal birth. A highly invasive one, but out the proper opening anyway.

Don't see that every day, a midwife giving up and a doctor stepping in and encouraging the more natural choice. If I lived there, that would be the doctor I would look up.

That, and some stuff going on with people I know reminds me that I am SOooooooo thankful that I have been so blessed to have three babies at home.

Charming is asleep now so I'm going to go do something! Yippee!

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Anonymous said...

Homebirth? Very cool. CYE