Monday, October 13, 2008

If the tongue is loosed, you won't like what you hear

I could come on here and tell you how discouraged I am, and how I hate the person I become when I'm with certain people. I could tell you how I have seem to lost interest in doing the things I typically enjoy, and how I no longer feel like striving for anything.

I could tell you that I'm sick of not only being the butter on sliced bread, but the scum on the bottom of the shoe for the exact same person / people.

I could tell you about my weekend. But I'm tired and things come out pretty negative when I'm tired. And Hubs tells me that when I'm this down it can only mean one thing: that I need to go to sleep. He might say something else at a different point in the month, but considering I can't blame that 31 out of 31 days, he would be incorrect, if he dared speak. And why would he bother speaking to me when he has a computer to watch with headphones attached to his ears?

Did you know you can put off doing taxes until October 15th? Have I mentioned that we do just that every year?

Did you know that when you put off doing your taxes until October 15th, no matter how organized you are (and I'm decidedly NOT), you lose stuff? Did you know that when you put off doing your taxes until October 15th, you don't have every radio and tv ad reminding you to do said taxes and you might come to October 13th thinking everything is just fine and then realize you don't have all your paper and the person who can get it for you is "out sick" and you just might be screwed?

Not that any of that could possibly apply to a house named "Chaos."

So, my grandma turned 90 yesterday and she and my grandpa will have their 71st anniversary on Wednesday. And since those things happen only once in any lifetime, I spent the weekend in a decidedly more southern clime. (felicitishiousness and all that--it IS a big deal)

I'm glad to be home where the air isn't sticky and I can EAT. Sheesh.

Don't get me started.

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