Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Surely I Have Something to Say

Gut instincts are interesting things.

This morning Charming woke "warm." I was sure he was "warm."

Wednesday isn't a good day for him to be "warm."

He popped out of bed and started to play. I assumed him well because of this, but grabbed a thermometer anyway.


Readied children and self for school. Dropped kids at school, dropped Charming in the nursery, dropped self at CBS.

Fast forward two hours. Pick hysterical Charming up from nursery. Charming is "warm." As Charming is having fit, wonder if heat is fit related. Charming falls asleep instantly in van. Arrive home. Deep sleeping Charming is awake. And 100.3 degrees.

Yes, after he shared a nursery with 15 kids.

I KNEW he was "warm." Even though the thermometer didn't agree.

That's what we call "mother's intuition."


Liz said...

I know - Zesty has been the same way, only I thought he was warm, took the 98.5 temp. Then later in the day he felt like he was warmer than even that, and got really fussy and clingy. With the 32 teeth that are all coming in at once, apparently. I just gave him Tylenol for good measure and sent him to bed.

MotherT said...

It's always so hard to make that call between what the thermometer reads, and what you are reading from your child! Always err on the side of caution. Our girls could romp and play through the chicken pox, but a common cold would send them into listlessness.