Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Singing Potty

Upon hearty recommendation, and out of desperation, I bought the Fisher Price singing potty. I don't remember what it's really called. I think they call the pink one "Sound and Lights Potty," but since I bought the blue one, which doesn't have lights (and why DON'T boys deserve lights, I ask? Who is more likely to pee facing the lights, anyway?) and I can't imagine they call it "Sound Potty" I will henceforth call it the singing potty, because that's what we call it here.

According to the hearty recommendation, "it made all the difference."

Yeah, it does make all the difference. Especially when it works for about three days, long enough to train the child that the potty sings when he pees, and then, after three days, let's have the potty sing just for having the kid sit on it. (Yes, I've changed the batteries. That isn't the solution.)

Oh, and make sure it DOESN'T sing when he does actually pee.

To recap: potty sings when child sits, or shifts, but NOT when he pees (can't comment on whether it sings when he poops because that ain't happening because it sings when he sits down and he therefore must jump up because he's done his duty by making the potty sing).

And to add insult to injury make sure it sings at other random points in time. Like when you walk past in the hall. Or are eating dinner together. Or when your entire family is sleeping. It is especially helpful for the potty to play its little tune every two minutes at 2:30 in the morning. The approximate amount of time for the mom to reassure herself she is just dreaming the potty song and return to sleep. About four times. Before she leaps from the bed and casts the potty bowl from the diode below which makes it sing.

I have no idea.

Nor have I heard anyone else complain.

But I am bummed. Because Charming sits, makes the potty sing, and stands up, touchdown style and cheers, "Yay!" And then expects his M&M. Without doing the deed. And I feel guilty. And like I'm torturing him by making him sit while the potty sings again and again.

I think I'll go see if I can dismantle the thing and manually set off the music when I KNOW he's gone. Which makes the singing potty moot for letting me know when he's gone.

Oh well, I suppose changing diapers forever will build my character.

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