Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When Migraines Strike

Being unemployed and "less stressed" (which is highly questionable) I haven't suffered many migraines in my thirties. I think much of it is manageability. First, I can feel the onset and cut them off early by medicating. Second I can feel them coming on and consciously relax my shoulders and jaw and stave them off until I can get to aforementioned medication.

And then I have an idiot moment and whamo!

I fought a headache all day yesterday. Instead of taking something I kept rubbing my shoulders and head as if that's all that should be required until bedtime. I didn't account for the stress I'm under.

I got dinner almost made and took off for bed about 5:20.

I still have the sucker. Less so, but still.

I got up and immediately took two generic excedrin migraine (which, interestingly enough, are the same formula as excedrin (not migraine), explain that one. Same formula, more cost.). I have to consciously relax every 30 seconds.

I think this is a day for velour pants and a sweatshirt.

Take that Stacy and Clinton.

What I'm marveling about this morning is that I used to cheer through those.


The things teens do.

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