Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Problem With Improvement

I started with new make-up. An updated look, you could say.

Got a pedicure because apparently toes aren't supposed to be uncovered without one (that and I had a friend steal me for a girls night).

I added the new 'do. With the cute wedge thingie when I wear it down and don't tuck it over my ears.

Then, after holding a burning hot baby for three days while a What Not To Wear marathon was on, and happening upon a JC Penney sale, the likes of which I have not seen before, and deciding to use my birthday cash to improve my look...well, I have a new look.

The problem with dressing for success, and having a haircut meant to style, and eye make-up that is "smoky" and in is this (aside from the added length of time it takes me to ready myself in the morning): I look all washed out.

When I get up and put on my glasses and sweats and ponytail, no one notices that I have no makeup on. Slap on a little eyeliner and I'm good to go.

Get up and put on a mock wrap shirt with fitted jeans, style the hair, put on the smoky eye makeup (once the contacts are in) and what do you see? Not a put together mommy dropping her kids at school on her way to Bible study. No, you see that she didn't put on foundation to color up her sallow skin and cover the outbreak that her 33 year old face decided to spring on her all of a sudden.

The battle is never ending. At least when you don't try, you know where you stand. Try to fit in, and you'll never be enough. Have enough. Do enough. Look it. Live it. Measure up. Or be accepted for who you really are.

And on that bitter note at the end of what was supposed to be lighthearted banter...


Anonymous said...

The new JCP that opened near me has a Sephora inside. I've never been in one before, and I was seduced. I walked out with $130 of makeup, my head hanging low because I felt guilty for spending so much. I vowed to return it all, but was too embarrased to do it right then. So I took it home. I couldn't resist, and ended up opening it all and trying it on. Turns out I really liked the way it looked! I wore it regularly for...oh...about a week and a half. Haven't worn it since. Who has time to swirl, tap and buff their foundation on every morning, let alone all the stuff that comes next? Not me! I have 3 minutes max to devote to makeup. Which usually only means powder compact foundation and perhaps lip gloss.

By the way, the day I met you I think you had on no makeup, or just a little makeup, but you were wearing eyeliner. I thought it looked great. Natural, with a touch of glamour.

Chaos-Jamie said...

"Natural, With a Touch of Glamour."

I like that. It's my new motto. :D

Anonymous said...

Who says it's not enough?