Friday, October 31, 2008


I went over to an advance voting station and voted yesterday.

I've been thwarted by the lines for a week now. I thought, sure, there are lines today, it's the first (second, Friday, getting close to the election) day of voting. I've run out of excuses. People are just ready and willing to vote. And willing to stand in lines that stretch down the block to do it.

I was floored.

Seriously. Election day isn't until next Tuesday and people are standing in two hour lines to vote TODAY.

I can't even imagine what the lines will be like Tuesday.

I do have to admit that at the station at which I voted, the lines moved swiftly. (I didn't mistype. Lines.) There was a line to fill out the advance voting form. There was a line to check in to the computer system. There was a line to get the card for the machine. A line for the machine. A line to get the sticker (and turn in the card) after you vote. But There were something like 30 machines. As opposed to the 8 machines they will have at each station next week.

The lines flat moved. I was in out and on my way in 15-20 minutes. They were very efficient.

I know there are people that don't approve of advance voting because something could happen that would change the vote in these last days. I've thought about that. But since I have not been on the fence about ONE SINGLE PERSON since the beginning of this election season (and have only sort of been on the fence about various taxes/electing judges) I can't imagine that anything anyone says will change my vote.

Well, I suppose of someone came out and said they plan to sacrifice a child this Halloween, I would regret that vote, but who wants to commit that kind of election suicide? (I can think of a few yahoos that might be that stupid, but I didn't vote for them anyway.)

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Anonymous said...

I saw the line and left. I just couldn't stand in the sun and subject my poor feet to the pavement.

I will go Tuesday. Last election we were in and out in a matter of minutes and I'm hoping (and probably delusional) that it will be that way this time.

I just hope I'm not in the hospital Tuesday.