Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Dream Shattered

I always hoped to be the cool mom. The house all the kids would want to come to.

I'm not.

Not only do we not have playstation, wii, nintendo, etc., I don't let the kids watch 43 hours of tv, I make them be quiet when the baby is sleeping and I won't let them eat piles of junk for hours on end.

I have become my mother.

I told Hubs that if we were going to be the house where kids wanted to hang out, we'd need to increase our coolness quotient. Right now we are at about negative 40.

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mommy4life said...

Mine think I'm a slavedriver because I limit the electronic devices, AND make them clean their room, AND not wake the baby, AND make them do their homework, AND make them do their chores if they want wonder they prefer DAD!!!

In reality, I think kids would almost always go to someone else's house than have someone over to theirs.