Monday, February 11, 2008

What I Did Today

1. Cleared off my dresser in a desperate attempt to have some clean flat surfaces which required that I...
2. Mend my shirt that I LOVE, but came with a small tear that I didn't catch at the store and when I went to return it, they didn't have another. The mend isn't great, but I'm probably the only one who will know it is there.
3. Packed up my mill that broke on Friday (made my flour smell like stale cigarette smoke). It has a lifetime warranty.
4. Called the mill people to get details on the process (hey, phone phobic, it's big news).
5. Called the humidifier people to order a replacement tank for mine that broke. The replacement costs $20, but the whole thing cost $70 so I guess it is worth it. The dude on the line was totally clueless, so I...
6. Filled out the necessary stuff to order by mail and mailed it.
7. Loaded up my little boys and went to the post office to mail some tapes to my sister and my mill to Utah and bought stamps.
8. Went to JC Penney and returned some pants on day 88 of the 90 day return policy.
9. Went to the jewelry store to have my wedding rings re-soldered.
(10. Went to the Disney store and the Rainforest cafe to throw pennies at the alligator--Frodo was getting twitchy)
11. Went to the Christian bookstore to buy a shower gift, but they didn't have it in stock.

I had it on the agenda yet to go to Walmart and return a Christmas gift (I know, it's February), but Charming had had enough so I'm home with a napping baby.

But talk about getting a bunch of monkeys off your back, huh?

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the lizness said...

No kidding! I did everything on my to-do list today also, but that was probably a lot easier for me to do with no kids here (yet) than for you to do all that you did. So I will slink back to my recliner and pretend I didn't say anything ... :)