Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It is Pancake Day in Liberal, Kansas (My childhood home--but by the grace of God go I). The kids get out of school. There is a talent show that I was in more than once. And there are pancake races, where little children and adults strap on an apron, grab a skillet and race across town flipping a pancake. Here's hoping the weather is better there than here.

Speaking of weather. Sheesh. Yesterday it was 65 degrees when the kids got home from school. I took them directly to the park (I had already taken Frodo and Charming for a walk). While at the park I was walking around, HOT, when a gust of wind dropped the temp by a good 5 degrees, a second gust dropped it again. When we left the park less than an hour after we got there, it had dropped from 65 to 54 and was in a rapid decline. We are currently having a thunderstorm. On February 5. Yes. A thunderstorm, the second this month. The first was Sunday when it lightninged, thundered, hailed, then rained. (Followed by yesterdays loveliness). I suspect the rain will soon be ice balls and I bet thundering while snowing.

Charming awakened last night (not news) with another fever (news). We had the flu last week. We can't have it again this week, can we? The good news is that Hubs is home this week. Except it makes precious little difference because he still isn't actually at home and I still don't get a shower. Or sleep. He talks a good talk (at 2:30 "I'm concerned that you won't get any sleep") but when it comes time to walk it, he still drives off to work. I guess that is how the bills get paid.

I really am going to write this new "book." I don't think it will ever be anything but therapy, but I have so many ideas rapid firing in my brain, and it's been so long since that happened, I guess I'll go for it. Assuming that I can get the baby well enough that I can type for ten minutes at a time....and I get my contracted pieces finished and sent out.

After all these years I still can't spell pieces without spell check.

Target (Archer Farms) coffee still isn't as good as Walmart (can't remember the "brand" name). I'm going to have to go more expensive or cave and re-enter the Mart. I think I may go more expensive first. How is it that the cheapest coffee on the market is the best? I don't like folgers or maxwell house, but I love walmart's stupid french roast that costs four something a five pound can? So annoying.

Okay, I think Charming really is asleep so I'm going to attempt a shower. (I know, I know, it's only been three days, but I think I'll splurge.)

If he stays asleep, I'll do new book Tuesday in a while. If not, it will be tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a Folger's Classic Roast girl myself. I don't like any of their other varieties. I don't like Maxwell House. Haven't tried Archer Farms and not sure I've tried Great Value.

I do hate the Mart though. Strong word for strong emotions. Necessary evil sometimes, I suppose, in the name of one-stop shopping at a bargain price.

I long for the day when it doesn't matter whether it saves me money or not, I'll just shop wherever. *snort* Who am I kidding, I'd still go for the cost savings.