Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taming Rafe by Susan May Warren

Susan May Warren is having a big year. First Josey, now Rafe. I don't know how the woman does two series at once. She's amazing.

And take a look at that guy. Hubba, hubba. Honestly I was nearly embarrassed to carry around a book with that hunky cover to my kids' ballgames! Then again, it wasn't a steamy cover. But if people didn't know Susan and what she writes, I dunno, that title and that cover, oh, my! what those covers could contain. Off topic. I do know Susan and what she writes and so I guarantee it is a safe read. ;)

This time we read about Rafe Noble brother of Nick. You don't need to know Nick's story to read Rafe's. But if you have read it, you might like to re-skim quickly because you won't get a re-do within Rafe's story, just some of the same characters.

So, Rafe is a bull rider with a dark past. Katherine is an heiress who wants to maintain her inherited foundation effectively. Lolly has a past to hide and a love she refuses to acknowledge. John loves Lolly anyway. Bradley is hiding something that you can't quite put your finger on. Hmmm, is that all?

Leave it to miss Susan May Warren to make a romance not only a romance, but a double romance plus some mystery...I guess you wouldn't call it suspense (that's more creepy, right?).

We've already established I like this author so I don't suppose I need to repeat that ad nauseum, but I will say this was yet another great read.

And it made me LOVE my Hubs. I looked at him today and I just bubbled over with lovey thoughts. He's just a good ole boy. And I adore that about him. He's not slick New York Bradley; he's my rugged cowboy. Farm boy. John Deere Tractor Boy. Whatever. You get the idea.

It takes a good writer to make you read a romance and not be annoyed because your prince isn't one, but because he is better than.

Here's the first scene.

You can buy it here.

Trailers here.

And a super fun contest!

And can I just say I'm so excited to see that we get Stefanie's story soon?


Mama in Uganda said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, I have my kiddos qouting Phil 2:14-16 over and over--every time I catch them whining! God's Word will not return void. As far as adoption in Uganda-it is easy for us as we live here (the law reuires a three year residency). However, God makes the way in some cases as 12 children were able to leave with their new parents and be adopted within the US last year.

Susan May Warren said...
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Susan May Warren said...

Oops...not sure what happened.

Anyway...thanks much for your kind words and for sharing Rafe with your readers. How wonderful to hear your love for your "Hubs". *g*

Great post!