Sunday, February 17, 2008

So Not PC

Excuse me for a minute Democrats...

What is it with Democrats who make politically charged statements to complete strangers in grocery lines and expect the stranger to concur. I'm sorry. I do not think W robbed Kerry in the last elections. It is called the electoral college, people. Get over it. If we were a popular vote country, that would be a viable excuse. We are not. It's been that way for 220 years. Catch on.

And my fellow Republicans (better said conservatives. If there was a conservative democrat running, I might be persuaded to flip): I'm taking this as yet another opportunity to learn from the foolishness of others. Politically charged statements in the grocery line are rude and inappropriate. Not to mention that the person you are making them to quite possibly doesn't agree.

Interesting, I live in a flaming red state and yet I was trapped between two men who traded robbed election opinions back and forth for-EVER while we waited for managerial approval of my rain check. Ninety-nine sent Lucky Charms were not worth it. What was so bizarre is that they both kept looking to me with these conspiratorial smiles like I should agree with them. Unfortunately I'm a wimp and chose not to educate them on the electoral college system. gag. Sometimes I hate myself.

Speaking of politically charged statements: I'm getting these emails from a lady who thinks Obama is the anti-Christ. As much as I like the idea of a rapture...not sure I want to live in the end times. May she be very wrong.

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