Monday, February 11, 2008

It Was Bound to Happen

Charming discovered the potty. Of course, the water had to be yellow when it happened.

The kids decided to try to make me forget it was a school day today by playing nicely and quietly in the basement. As if. If it was Saturday they would have awakened me with an argument by 6:30 AM. I kept up the ruse as long as I could though. Couldn't resist with that nice quiet playing.

Eldest has his own style of music that he likes now. I'm pretty sure it goes something like: lots of drums, a strong beat, and loud. This morning it was 70s drug music. Yesterday it was Latin music. When we went to the store yesterday it was some peppy Christian music. Which goes to show, if you can find what they like in style, you can probably guide the words--at least for a while.

Feeling better. Thanks for all your well wishes.

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