Sunday, February 24, 2008

Date Night is Underrated,

I could come on here and extrapolate on how inadequate I feel or...I can tell you about the date I had last night.

Yes! I said DATE!

I think it is the first one I've had in a year. The last one ended on a negative note when Hubs dumped me for a KU game with his dad. This one almost didn't get out of the blocks because of the same combo, but patience prevailed. I got to go on a date!

I have decided, yet again, that Hubs and I are just not normal. We had the greatest time, but I don't think what we did will impress anyone.

We started out at this bar-like place called Gerts. It has the same menu as a place we used to enjoy when we were in college. We were rather humored because we live in the burbs. This place is a college bar, but the college is a juco. So the place is not exactly hopping on a Saturday night. I think it may very well be the only place I know that has a cheaper menu for evenings and weekends. The food was fabulous, just like it has always been. The place was not smoky at all even though it is still technically a bar. (They have a non-smoking glassed in booth. Totally cracked us up.) One waitress took care of everyone including being the barkeep. I was thrilled. The one we went to in college was always packed, super smoky and poorly waitressed. (Though we tolerated it for the food.)

I'd checked movie times. After dinner we had 30 minutes before the supposed start of the movie. As we drove directly past our favorite bookstore, I suggested we stop, "just for a minute." In our rush, we still managed to find two Encyclopedia Brown books, one paper airplane book and one book on finding Timbuktu.

But the theater parking lot was PACKED. We finally found a spot in the back of the theater. The sky had opened and snow balls were falling. (half ice, half snow, part rain...) We, um, missed the beginning of the movie (because I apparently looked at the times for the wrong theater (bummer for me because Hubs questioned me several times if I was "sure"))and the next one wouldn't start for another 45 minutes (putting us home too late for the baby back home).

Frankly, I didn't care.

Onward to ice cream.

We have this place called Sylas and Maddy's that makes the most incredible ice cream, sorbet and sherbet. After sampling several kinds, we both decided to get a five scoop sampler.

Hey, they were little scoops.

Best of all, we laughed and joked all night. (But the ice cream was a close second, the sandwich a super close third).

One the drive home, Hubs started to crack up. "You know where we spent the most money?"

The bookstore.

Except we didn't quite. $11 for dinner. $10.50 for books. $7 for ice cream. Free babysitter.

It was a good night.


mommy4life said...

These are my favorite dates. No pressure, lots of fun, laid back, and most importantly no kids.

We had one like that a few weeks ago. Ice cream, bookstore (where we split up and browsed), Old Navy, just a lot of nothing...

but we enjoyed the time together (and it was probably our first in at least 9 months).

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

You gotta love a good date night AND free babysitting!!!! You deserve it!!!

Mrs. "Nurse Boy"

Unknown said...

That would be my idea of a PERFECT date night (and what's the name of the restaurant?? can email it to me). Except the Mr. wouldn't enjoy a bookstore (though he'd tolerate it for me).

I should hit the Mr. up for one of these date nights. I seriously cannot remember the last one (just the two of us).

And I'm sorry, but my evil twin is making me ask you this: will the next baby be named Silas or Maddy?

Anonymous said...

I hear that getting ice cream without your kids causes cancer. Love , Eldest

Anonymous said...

Four out of five doctors say that going to the bookstore without your only daughter causes warts to grow on your rump.


Anonymous said...

You were gone?


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

This anonymous feature on your blog has made heckeling your blog much more enjoyable. You lost me with the still having fun after missing the movie. Unless it was a romantic comedy, then I'm on board.
Mr. Nurse Boy

Chaos-Jamie said...

I was guessing Grandma, but you were certainly my second guess Nurse Boy!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE SYLAS AND MADDYS the best ice cream in the world (or in Olathe anyhow)