Saturday, February 09, 2008


Holy smokes, dudettes. (Dudes probably don't want to read this post.)

So yesterday I awakened with what I thought was a clogged duct. Which was annoying because, hello(!), I've been wearing the extremely non-sexy nursing bras for-EVER and they are supposed to reduce aforementioned duct cloggedyness and I've dealt with more than my share recently. (Not at all possibly due to overconsumption of caffeine and underconsumption of water.)

So I trounced off to Sam's (which, though boycotting Walmart, not it's annoying big sister) with my youngest two boys to buy a van load of dairy.

No sooner than I got home, I totally lost it. Charming was insisting on being on my hip while I unloaded the van. The hip he prefers was the sore side and he kept diving when I'd bend over to put the milk in the small fridge in the garage. The dive sent waves of pain through me. Enough to make me cry.

About that time I came down with the shakes.

I thought it was potentially the fact that the garage door was still open and though it was 40something outside, still chilly. Even though I was completely decked out in fleece.


Twenty minutes later my entire body is convulsing with shivers.

Oh, my goodness. I often wondered how people knew they had mastitis.

You just know.

Somewhere along the fiery pain in your chest and the fever topping the 101 degree mark, you kinda figure it out.

May I never experience that again.

(FYI: I still hurt, but not as bad. Still kinda weak, I finally killed the migraine that followed, and the fever is gone.)


MotherT said...

That is one of the yuckiest feelings ever!!! Glad you are feeling better, hopefully it clears up quickly.

Unknown said...

Oh! Mastitis is awful. Just plain terrible. I feel for you.....only I hope I don't, you know?!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry girl!

mamashine said...

Oh, that is so awful. I hate mastitis. I hope you're better soon! Get some drugs quick and nurse a lot- chin toward the painful spot. I know you probably know that already, but still. :)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

OK, I stopped when you said dudes should stop, but what is Mastitis. Inflamation of the Sail holder on a sail boat? What is not for a boy read?