Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Answer

An unequivocal no.

My shower cannot be redeemed.

After two hours with bleach, a toothbrush, comet, soft scrub, those green scrubby pads and an old sock, (as well as sore muscles in both my arm and my butt (my butt? I know!)) it it clean, but still moldy.

I'm going to have to re-grout.


Angi said...

I so feel your pain! I have told my HWH that in our "next house" there will be no tile showers. I hate cleaning grout!

Unknown said...

Did you not read my "grout sucketh" post???

I'm going to try and remove just a portion of the grout in our hall bath (rather then the whole thing, which is what "experts" say you have to do) and see what happens. If that doesn't work, we are putting in a surround. I will eat beans and weenies for a month if that's what it takes to buy one and avoid re-grouting.

I find that tall shampoo bottles hide the mildew quite well.