Monday, May 08, 2006

Back to Life...

So after a quiet weekend where I did what I wanted, ate when I wanted, and cleaned like a maniac, my life has returned to normal. By ten this morning every room in the house was messy. They cannot leave a clear space unoccupied.

But, for some unknown reason, Hubby has left with the eldest two to shoot off an air rocket at the church down the street and I am home with the sleeping "baby" aka 3 year old. Yes I could tackle the mess, but quite frankly, I didn't make it and they promised, promised, promised that they would clean up even if they were tired, stomach hurt, legs hurt, had a growing pain, headache and even if the other siblings weren't cleaning and it wasn't fair (yeah, right).

This being Monday we ordered pizza. Pizza Hut got us last year with the whole Monday night is pizza night/family night/some such aka cheap pizza and we have it often. I knew they had pizza this weekend, but my 5 YO didn't think that should matter one iota. (He has a point, if we don't do it tonight, it won't happen until next Monday). But it wasn't enough to order pizza, no we had to order the side sampler because (thanks Grandma) he needed "those yummy breadsticks with cinnamon on them that you dip in this really yummy sauce stuff." And since the sampler comes with 5 wings I ordered it.

I'm nutso for Pizza Hut wings. Ahem, Wing Street Wings. But we know whose they are, don't we? And why? You can't get better "Chinese" food than their Spicy Asian bone out wings. I know Camy Tang would breathe her last and then roll over in her grave to read that, but I think it is true. With an amendment. In Kansas. I have gone to Chinese restaurant after Chinese restaurant in pursuit of the awesome Chinese and Thai (they sell them at the same places around here--sad, I know) that I've eaten in different parts of the country. Can't find it. But the Spicy Asian bone out wings are a pretty good second. After I ate my half of the five I proceeded to dip my pizza in the sauce. I practically licked the metallic wrapper clean.

Next time I may skip the pizza and just order the "wings."

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Camy Tang said...

I've never tried those! Now I have to. You know me and food.